Our Company

Dear friends,

The function, the efficiency and the vision of a Scientific Association, noticeably contribute to the maximum degree to the determination and the promotion of a scientific sector.

The present conditions which concern the overall management of an association, are highly demanding and as a consequence, the use of new - contemporary tools like communication (web sites, social media, e-tv, smart applications, etc), additional financial resources, educational events, crisis management, budgets and reports that conform to international standards, establishment of communication between members and many more, is a must.

Further to the additional work, that is required for the voluntary management of the association, special knowledge and extra skills are also demanded, from a wide range of specialties, like IT, marketing, accounting, editing of various publications (scientific magazines, bulletins etc), social media, sponsorships, organization of events and congresses including minimum or no risk, etc.

ZITA Medical Management was “created” from her sister company ZITA Congress, which with more than 33 years of experience in the field of organization of Scientific Congresses and Medical Events, has developed for several years now, a group of fully qualified specialized professionals , who cover all the above described fields, using a wide range of updated tools for the management of an ambitious association.

The most important fact though, is that for all these services, the financial cost is the minimum possible and basically self-funded, as the increase in the revenue of the association is guaranteed, through the synergies created by the holistic management.

Moreover, the experience and the scientific knowledge of ZITA Medical Management extends also to the marketing, public relations, sales and medical tourism and covers services such as below and above the line promotion, international accreditations, web & social media development and administration, customer support center development, internal marketing, management crisis procedures, etc.

By dedicating only a few minutes of your time going through our website, you will be able to get informed about the specialized services that we offer regarding management.

We firmly believe that these minutes that you will invest, will be especially productive for your Association.

We always remain at your disposal, as it would be a great pleasure to us to provide you with any further, information or clarifications might required.

Gerasimos Kouloumpis

President & Managing Director